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Whether you are a diehard Zumba fan, love kickboxing or cant If youre headed to class in your ageold oversized tshi. Privately held Zumba Fitness wont disclose its revenues or how many instructors it licenses, but the company expects to sell 4 million pieces of clothing, shoes and accessories athletic shoes an. &quotFor a Zumba class, you can wear any type of fitness clothing such as sweat pants, shorts, tank tops or Tshirts Anything that is comfortable and cool,&quot said Bean &quotAs for the shoes, you will need so. This weekly Zumba class, at only $5 a pop, is one of many lowcost sessions held around the city each week And its an allages crowd From 80yearold actor Ken Takemoto, dressed in a bright purple. Soon after, I started making Tshirts since a lot of us me and my followers couldnt find clothing we felt good in goin. Now I can go to a womens plussize store like Lane Bryant and find something to wear whereas before I had to shop in mens clothing stores just to get shirts in those larger sizes Bettys Zumba. Today, he stands at the center of the Zumba exercise craze, having helped transform Zumba as the group of mostly 20something and middleaged women in sweatdrenched Tshirts and exercise tights s. Benjamin, dressed in black sweats and Tshirt and performing some moves to the music Participants, many of whom wore colorful or even teamoriented outfits, had come to do Zumba with the movement. Like owntheTshirt into it Tip 2 Wear comfortable workout gear and cushy sneakers Theres a lot of jumping and bouncing so wear a sports bra, too And if you have big boobs by all means call. Like any other fitness activity, you need comfortable clothes, such as sweat pants and a comfortable Tshirt, to participate in a Zumba class, but most importantly you need appropriate footwear Be su. a yoga or Zumba instructor, gym clothes arent supposed to be expensive I dont understand this new thing of &quotfancy&quot active wear Isnt part of the beauty of gym clothes the fact that we really dont. Unlike many fitness fads, Zumba does not require specific equipment &quotThere is no specific outfit to wear to class,&quot said GarciaRashkow &quotSneakers are the most comfortable, though&quot Additional &quotZumba.