Urban Outfitters Holocaust Shirt

Urban Outfitters U201cHolocaust T-Shirtu201d Under Fire | TIME.com

Fashion retailer Urban Outfitters is facing outcry from Jewish groups over a tshirt critics say is an offensive reference to the Holocaust The yellow shirt features an embroidered, sixpointed star. The AntiDefamation League is calling out retailer Urban Outfitters for a shirt the Jewish group claims bears a symbol strikingly similar to the one used by Nazis to identify Jews during the Holocaust. Urban Outfitters is in the middle of another scandal involving questionable imagery in its clothing Jewish groups and other critics say a yellow tshirt on their site last week seemed to resemble a S. Urban Outfitters boycott Urban Outfitters, whose stores can often be found in the heart of gaypopular enclaves in cities across the country Theres nothing hip about denigrating the memory of th. Urban shirt section No one is safe Not even the Holocaust In what can be considered yet another sign of the times that liberal ideology is elevating antiSemitism back to mainstream acceptabili. moans URBN INC, with a glint in its eye, Urban Outfitters is being urged by the AntiDefamation League to remove a tapestry resembling the uniforms gay male prisoners wore in Nazi concentration camps. During the Holocaust, gay men were forced to wear uniforms In 2012, the ADL issued a letter to Urban Outfitters after noticing a tshirt with the Star of David on it Later, the designer of the sh. The ADL took the retailer to task in 2012 for selling a Tshirt with a star on its people were made to wear during the Holocaust The product represents a new low, the ADL said at the time Urba. Urban Outfitters ADL for offering a Tshirt for sale that contained a star on the pocket The organization claimed the pocket decoration resembled the Star of David that Jews were forced to wear o. In 2012, the retailer was castigated for selling a Tshirt that appeared to feature the Star of David on its breast pocket reminiscent of the patch Jews were forced to wear during the Holocaust Urb.