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A 2012 video tour by Urban Outfitters Television showed that it was painted with In 2013, the Arizona Daily Star reported. So when I spotted the very pink Rosie Utility Jumpsuit from Urban Outfitters, I picked it up and marched straight &quotIf I can spend my whole day dressed as a Glossier employee, Im obviously going t. URBN, Urban Outfitters parent company, wants its employees to volunteer for extra shifts As the holiday season approaches, Urban Outfitters is hoping that its employees are in the giving spirit Gaw. Urban Outfitters, Inc NASDAQURBN I did want to note that the company has decided to make a onetime payment to all nonbonus eligible employees as a thank you for their hard work and contributio. Urban Outfitters already is pondering whether to roughly duplicate It has 800 fulltime and 300 temporary employees filling orders that customers place on its website It would be a very, very bi. AUSTIN KXAN The Urban Outfitters store in downtown Austin is closed until 2nd St happened around 1230 pm Monday A store employee said she did not know what caused the leak, but did say it. Revenue per employee can be thought of as &quothow much revenue is each employee generating?&quot For many companies, rising revenue per employee metrics is viewed as a positive metric, if a company is able t. PALO ALTO, CA A 26yearold Fremont woman was arrested Monday in Hayward in connection with a recent theft at Urban Outfitters in Palo Alto, but a cohort in the crime is not yet identified, accordin.