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Hey, boys and girls! Fire up the juke because a really cool cat just showed up to the sock hop America Ferrera looks hip and were totally on the hook with her outfit She paired a black and whit. Wednesday, Jan 30 Things will start rockin Wednesday, Jan 30, with the Winter Dance Party Family Sock Hop featuring The Wh. But I had no idea how challenging it would be to outfit saw a boy in plaid shorts, neon shirts, knee socks and a dinosaur. Sock hop fundraiser The Great Clermont Cancer Foundation jacket and get ready to dance to the sounds of The Lost Boys and Rob Nichols Activities will include a dance contest, best outfit contest. He was eager to discuss Cash Moneys influence on music and on Lil Wayne in particular &quotIt wouldnt be no Wayne if it wasnt me, if it wasnt the Hot Boys, if it wasnt the I remember being at li. Check out our picks for the top 10 One Direction music videos below If you think our list is wrong we were totally hoping for a 50sthemed video for &quotKiss You&quot Maybe Nialls at a sock hop, tryi. Well, the good news is cocktails, unlike cops, are real and very drinkable, and for just the change in your pocket, plus several more dollars and minus the change, you too can have yourself one of the. In her new memoir, &quotUp All Night My Life and Times in Rock Radio,&quot Miller recalls her early days in radio when the big boys of rock spun &quotplatters&quot in the high school gym for the big sockhop Ev. And Watts, in towering platforms, a haystack of silver hair, and bizarre clothing that both Slades Dave Hill and girl group hysteria, honking sockhop doubletime bleats, selfmythologizing glitt. Jimmy Velvet and the two country boys struck up a conversation The next year Elvis returned to Jacksonville as the headliner Velvet again got backstage Over Cokes, the 19yearold superstar and.