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Both are salsa dance instructors Womens shoes You dont want too high a heel for salsa A back strap and ankle strap are helpful Make sure they have no grip or rubber on the soles, or turns will b. No sports attire, sweat suits and jerseys or excessive baggy clothing is allowed Men are required to wear collared shirts and hard sole shoes Blue Ice offers dance lessons at 930 pm on Fridays fo. Other dances have long replaced it as the &quotdirty dancing&quot of their day the rumba, the samba, the merengue, salsa the costumes were strangely exotic and often featured weapons its movements and g. Haddad admits that like the tango or the salsa to appear in more revealing costumes These films often engaged with the American portrayal of the &quotbelly dancer&quot That is, women dancing to seduce t. This post was contributed by a community member Come salsa dancing with us, costumes optional! There will be prizes for the Best Female Costume and the Best Male Costume, Best Couple too! However, co. Feeding off the energy are fashionably dressed couples, spinning and grinning in a whirl of activity on the dance floor Women wear figurehugging trousers or skirts while men are adorned in tradition. She would wear wildly colorful clothing with tall shiny shoes Her face was often painted with bright makeup And her dancing voice of salsa music She was a strong and powerful woman in a music i. Judges Score 1930 DeMarcus Ware and Lindsay Arnold Salsa, Under Your Spell Dead Mans Party by Atwater Mens Club D. The singers were also highly talented, great dancers also particularly the male lead and choreographer Roclan Gonzalez Chavez who really got the crowd involved in his performance with his singing and. Im dancing with Gorka, were doing lifts, were doing a concept thats not been done on the show before The addition comes after Dr Ranj Singh, who is taking part in this years series, urged for h. I would dress in old suits and had a long beard, and kids would come up to me and say, Mister, are you one of those men who would go to Salsa Meets Jazz downtown and the Corso Ballroom uptown to. Salsamania is also seeking female and male dancers for its performance teams Salsa dance experience is required and previous performance experience is a plus Please wear comfortable dance shoes and.