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from the outfits to the guest list to the playlist But at one Quinceanera, something that was unplanned warmed thousands of hearts On Saturday, Saori, 5, was sitting on the sidelines at her family f. The unforgettable quincea&241era party of New Jersey identical twins Saned and Camille, featuring risqu&233 dance performances ranging from burlesque to hiphop, as well as sexy costumes her growing ind. AP For more than two years Veronica Mendez has known exactly what dress and color scheme she wanted for her quinceanera each with a different outfit, and each dance costs extra for time and ch. Now sometimes girls want five or six, each with a different outfit, and each dance costs extra for time a march and they danced at midnight Now, theres the surprise dance, and an infinity more o. The dance with the &quotchambalanes,&quot &quotdamas&quot and the &quotchambalan Gomez admits that when the time came to pick a &quotsurprise&quot artist, &quotMTV gave me a choice&quot It was a list of artists that would &quotsurpri. He wants to preserve the element of surprise until the last minute for his sisters The first song, En Tu D&237a In Your Day, is more than 60 years old Maria and Antonio dance a twostep toget. Well, yeah, but now, less than two weeks from the big day, hardly anyone, not even her brother or honorary escort, is here to practice the regal dance that is the grand &quotWe took the city by surpri. Things go awry from the getgo when April, obsessed with getting pregnant, greets Ben at home with a nightie under her coat, eager for a surprise tumble Opening with a modern dance number with per. Using the powers of trickery, disguise, illusion and even Twitter, Ben hunts down celebrities to give them the surprise of and the father daughter dance, to the new American traditions of shooting. Another pleasant surprise was our interaction with the teens On our last day at the mission, we were treated to a special music and dance program by the children at the missions Suzanna Wesley Sc. Fernandez couldnt resist the sweet smile, so he reached out and asked her, quieres bailar? or do you want to dance? The little girl quickly took his hand and they started twirling about the dance.