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Itll keep your hair in place while bringing your fashion game up a notch Sling bags honestly are a girls best friend Reme. &quotI dont have enough words to say about how special the relationship has been between me and Chromat,&quot model Denise Bidot said as she presented McCharen and Chromat with the Tumblr Fashion Honor on We. Fashions Night Out is finally, mercifully over And yet the memory of our brief time at The Ace Hotels carnivalsponsored by uberhip, spendy boutique Opening Ceremony who has an outpost in the ho. Read more Heres the reason Tumblr is missing from Apples app Nine In The Afternoon, Say Amen Saturday Night, Bo. The New York Times reports that Gagas Tumblr titled Amen Fashion launched Monday night, and posts are already receiving &quotLikes&quot into the several thousands The blog mostly features snapshots of. That evening, late night television host Jimmy Kimmel introduced the &quotRuth In part thanks to her unsparing dissents, a yo. Her first post on the service appeared late Monday night and shes been updating regularly ever since Her Tumblr is a blend of lyrics, fashion stills of Gaga in ensembles by Versace and Hatra, and a. DashCon aims to be the largest gathering of Tumblr users to date, concentrating on the particulars of this stand out social media site DashCon will be a place where Tumblr users can express common si. Click to share on Facebook Opens in new window Click to share on Twitter Opens in new window Click to share on Tumblr Op. especially the lasses who focus their Tumblr blogs on fashion I wanted to provide them with some original content that really has stood the test of time What was it about Sassy that was so meaningfu. &quotSome may call me old fashioned,&quot the Utah County father wrote in a blog his daughter posted a photo of him in shortshorts and a &quotbest dad ever&quot tee to her Tumblr page Looking to explain how t. But he told Metro that the inspiration behind the project came from a fateful latenight sexting session recruiting dick models to dress up in more tasteful poses and outfits &quotCamera angle, lig.