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Since 2007, Polyvore has been the goto platform for creating digital shopping mood boards The popular collaging website allowed users to play editors, helped fashion bloggers share their favorite pi. Lee prefers the casual way she now dresses for work at Quora Polyvore engineer Cindy Chu mixes texture and Must be a fake nerd girl An attractive woman in tech? Impossible Oh, unless shes in. can grab the itgirl fave pink, round Celine specs StyleGoal Aussies Top Celebs Just like the rest of the Polyvore community around the world, celebrities are a major source of fashion inspo for. Instead of asking designers to sketch out freeform designs, Polyvore provides a webbased scrapbooking FashionPlaytes is a site where girls are their own fashion designers Shoppers use a visual. BUSINESS WIREPolyvorecom, the largest fashion community on the web Linking up with Polyvore allows the Polyvore user and Rebecca Minkoff girl to be able to be creative and have access to t. According to data collected from fashion website Polyvore, searches for Kylie continue to rise and she wasnt satisfied going along with what Kendall wanted But The girls all are different heig. DeepDreaming with our fashionconscious neural network High tops? Pumps are a better look Robo Billy dreamt up an outfit makeover notice the new jean shorts, crop top tee, and bucket bag also, the. You know, the one with all of her clothes digitally rendered so she can mix and match outfits prior to lifting a single hanger? So many of us want that closet that Im almost positive its what the Sp. Chicisimo, the Spanish born social platform for fashion Girls share their own personal styles, tag brands, colors, styles And others can discover them, interact, and find inspiration for breand n. Mollie Vandor is the Product Manager for Rankercom and Media Director for Girls in Tech LA You can find her on Twitter Fortunately, thanks to a few online tips and tricks, high fashion doesnt h. Cindy Chu, an engineer at social ecommerce site Polyvore, told Read Write that tech tries Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer has become the most visible arbiter of female fashion in Silicon Valley Her dec. BUSINESS WIREYahoos YHOO 2015 Year in Review, which launched today, provides a full picture of what captivated the companys users by leveraging data from billions of searches across Yahoo, P.