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Tumblr confirmed on Friday that Russian trolls spread misinformation on the blogging service in prelude to the 2016 US presidential election Tumblr said that after discovering the questionable acco. Every character is addressed by their full name and speaks in Tumblrready quotes Josh Sanderson and you could pull enough gorgeous stills to rival Wes Andersons work Every outfit is impeccabl. Here at Mashable, we preach the importance of knowing your social If you scroll long enough, youll notice that youve pinned the same outfit ideas and quotes as all of your followers, and suddenl. Although its a little embarrassing you all showed up in the same outfit Really, even all of the accessories You had the Vietnam War, your grandchildren had an ambiguously colored Tumblr post H. But she didnt run to the media or get her parents to complain she found a sly, funny and much more effective way of getting her message across that she shouldnt be shamed for her clothing Cross po. This isnt about competition for us at Tumblr we just want to tell good stories and As reporters, how often do we have to cut quotes we spent days, weeks, and months getting that are really imp. In todays digital age, teen girls use online services instead, including apps like Pinterest, Tumblr, and We Heart It Though We Heart of favorite celebs or bands, cute outfits, inspirational or. which in turn look different from quotes you pull from other sites, etc In other words, Tumblr lets you create a greatlooking blog in two minutes flat As a result, it has also become one of the We. If the prototypical highly educated, white, 20something city dweller is a skinny dude in a vintage Stryper Tshirt with elaborate facial hair, then The New York Times time on Tumblr 15 Try as s. In the coming months, Knizhniks tumblr would feature tributes to Ginsburg ranging These are emotions that just sap your energy Notorious RBG quotes Ginsburg as saying in an unusually Yodalike. Curmudgeonly clothing or grumpcore, as its been referred to online is in large part a reaction to the Oprahfied culture of ultrapositivity and glib inspirational quotes found on by four ca. Conceived after World War II as vehicles to advertise clothing and beauty products And there are plenty of Tumblr blogs on which girls post equal amounts of images of runway shows and quotes from.