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BANJA LUKA, BosniaHerzegovina AP For the first time since Bosnias ethnic war, a woman who wears a traditional Muslim headscarf has become a lawmaker in the Serbrun part of the country Begija S. Bouchard said members were also split on a motion supporting all Muslim public servants who wish to wear a hijab at work. For the first time ever, a Muslim woman wearing a hijab was pictured in the historically risqu&233 pages of Playboy But it wasnt the kind of spread the publication is famous for Along with her headsca. Hayee, the only student at East who wears one, climbed onto a chair and explained the hijab and what it signified and then helped students learn how to wear the scarf No one can force a Muslim woman. For six weeks, billboards along the TriState Tollway and I55 will feature women wearing the hijab, a veil covering the head and chest Kiran Malik says when her daughter, Imaan, wanted to wear a hij. Like any piece of clothing, the hijab isnt one size fits all Women around the world choose to wear or not to wear a headscarf or veil for many reasons Some see the hijab as a way to identify wi. The new ways of wearing the hijab is becoming a new global phenomenon, Lezley George, professor of fashion at the Heriot Watt University in Dubai, told Al Arabiya News It combines the desire to loo. Many of these women have to or want to wear a hijab, and thats why we have chosen to make a very cool and very fashionable sports hijab for these great girls of Afghanistan Khalida Popal, former Af. The Muslim teen worker who scored a legal victory in an antidiscrimination suit against Abercrombie &amp Fitch, which cited its dress code in insisting she not wear a hijab to work, says the retailers. MONTREAL Members of Quebecs most prominent womens group are divided over whether to acknowledge prostitution as a freely chosen career and whether to support all Muslim female public servants who. New York Fashion Week sees a lot of innovation on the runway, but one Muslim designer managed to bring something completely new to the catwalk this year Indonesian designer Anniesa Hasibuan made hist. Last year, Nike introduced a headscarf made of hightech fabrics A Max Mara fashion show in 2017 featured a model in a hijab, her body wrapped in one of the companys long tailored coats a common l.