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Jiggy George, founding partner at Mojostar, the joint venture between licencing and merchandising firm Dream Theatre and cele. TB Dress has reimagined the dashiki synonymous with the civil rights and Black Power movements in America of the 1960s an. is a rising fashion and entertainment journalist who recently decided to focus more on the issues surrounding millennials within her community White launched her sixth Styled To A TEA Empowerment eve. Highend suits on display at an onlinetooffline clothing store in Shandong province Photo by Zhang HaoChina News Service Ecommerce boom in China is empowering Chinese male consumers, especially. Prices range from $50 for a 40ml bottle to $85 for 125ml Recognizing that Millennial men are forever on their phones, Ralph Lauren will roll out a series of digital assets ministorytelling mo. She began designing as early as 4 years old, turning her old clothing into custom Barbie In 2011, the millennial designer created Tuesday Shop where she provides custom designed pieces for men and. Millennials, the generation born between the early 1980s and mid1990s, are fuelling growth across the luxury goods industry, accounting for about a third of global sales, though brands are fighting f. HYDERABAD Aimed at the fashionable emerging millennials, NEXA presented The Tribe The India Story collection by designers Shantanu and Nikhil at Lakm&233 Fashion Week Summer rigid categorisation. Italian fashion house Dolce &amp Gabbana put on a show fit for a king on Saturday 13 January with its regalinspired mens range modelled by some of the scions of the social media age in Milan The sho.