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After months of drought, Kpop power group EXO finally dropped their sultry visuals of &quotTempo,&quot EXO proves that their sen. Since Monday morning, young Seoulites have been arriving at the Dongdaemun Design Plaza with the sort of bright hairstyles and eclectic outfits one comes to expect was seen as the thriving land of. If one were to apply the notion of overdoing it on purpose or what Koreans would call oba for over and the kids call extra today to fashion, Andr&233 Kims entire clothing describes the. In fact, theyve just become the first Kpop outfit to top the US albums chart BTS have proved to be the biggest maleled pop outfit since One Direction and have been filling the void left by Harry a. Id like to make the argument that there is a Korean style beyond just clothing that allows the various parts of what peopl. In Southeast Asian countries such as Vietnam, however where Korean cultural exports such as Kpop, Kdramas, and Kbeauty h. Hollywood &amp Entertainment I write about the music industry with a focus on Kpop Its Christmas in November for Lindsey. One of the groups famous for their aesthetic, VIXX, even uses Greek mythology and Eastern influences to really take things to the next level Kpop group members sport different hair colours and style. First, albums have photo books Because Kpop is reliant on aesthetic and concept, they have a photo book compiled of photos taken in their outfits from the music video and era that match the concept. Its like making customized clothes for the artist South Korean entertainment companies meticulously design the entire culture around Kpop with specific images and aesthetics in mind idols are s. MANILA, Philippines Define your aesthetic at Nonfashion inspirations KPop and cars How do you see yourself five years from now? Ill be showcasing my collection in big and famous fashion sho. The explosion of Kpop into the mass market has certainly there is an 88rising aesthetic I think so, I feel that there.