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Fashion and trends seem to move faster here than they do elsewhere KPop and youth culture at large is a powerful force in. When read through the lens of culture, &quotFashion is good to think&quot So I have been doing a lot of thinking And by extension,. One of the main problems with understanding Korean fashion or pretty much any field of Korean popular culture is the uniq. South Korea was seen as the thriving land of catchy Kpop tunes and histrionic Kdramas, and its fashion reflected this of choice for the labelsavvy millennials in attendance The street style st. Theres no denying Koreas overhauling presence in fashion In recent years, artists and models alike have taken the industry by storm with their apt mix of streetmeetsrunway looks Model Byeon Woo. Put simply, theres a lot going on in the realm of clothing amongst young Koreans struggling with the burden of finding and asserting personal identity in an age when its no longer handed to them, gi. But in Seouls city streets, dotted with racks of onesizefitsall street fashion and banners for plastic surgery clinics, T. Her body is the medium for a lotta messages, although her bodyasmedium is also the message Well, the message here is that clothing stages the body as a place to deliver other, actual messagesas. DANTIDOTE Im a fashion designer and creative director of a Korean brand called DANTIDOTE Jung Kuho, Seoul Fashion Week Seouls fashion scene is very much involved with street culture the city. in that they are an essential part of the Korea street fashion aesthetic This is, strangely enough, quite separate from the fact that Fila became a Korean company in 2007 So, although the domestic m.