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Messing, competing for Team Canada, leads Skate Canada after skating a clean short program The long program is Sunday Ch. Now, the 26yearold model from South Korea has quite a few big names on her resume She has been photographed for Cosmopolit. One of Koreas hottest highstreet retailers, A Land, has hit US soil Known for its trendy assortment of mens and womens clothing, accessories, beauty, and home items, A Land is something of a de. A Korean teddy bear has captured the hearts of Chinese consumers This year, the company will focus on mens and kids clothing lines and extend its number of shops in China to 1,600 It will also. The US team revealed its outfits for the closing ceremonies outfits Wednesday, and they dont seem as worried The men and women will wear shorts Models present the South Korean Olympic team unifor. The hottest in North Korea is shear madness Supreme Leader Kim JongUn, in a bizarre bit of tonsorial tyranny, decreed that his 12 million countrymen adopt his decidedly retro highandtight do. In the last six years, Jungs performances inside the Octagon have been nothing short Korean His mandatory two years of. Zee compares it favorably to other militarythemed fashion trends, adding that North Korea Chic is edgier, even dangerous Most Americans probably do not associate North Korea with upscale clothing. PYONGYANG, North Korea normal clothes The fashion sense of Kims father, Kim Jong Il, also lives on The &quotjumper,&quot a khaki, zipfronted top and trouser suit famously favored by the late leader, i. During the show, the two designers presented to New Yorkers a series of clothes for men the fashion show This years New York Fashion Week features two &quotConcept Korea&quot events, the first one for m. All of Ader Errors collections are unisex, and while often styled on female models, it is nearly equally purchased by men fashion is somewhat revolutionary Our clothing is unisex and this kind.