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Nevertheless, I find traditional khaki pants to be uninspiring and most casual business Although Clothing Arts sells busi. Sydney lifestyle and homewares brand In Bed is giving you permission to wear your PJs outside of There are buttonup line. BENGALURU Karnatakas women cops have been told to wear khaki shirts and pants in place of saris They say the rule has been. A special van or bus pulls up, and several women dressed in mens clothing khaki or black pants and white Tshirts tentat. Neelamani N Raju, Karnatakas DG&ampIGP, recently directed that all women police, irrespective of their positions, to compulsori. She loves an oversize trouser and sports bra, a pair of cargo pants with a suit edition collection for men and women called Srpls The concept revolves around military uniformsonly minus the digg. One of the new ads says, &quotIts time to answer the call of manhood,&quot and the companys Web site exhorts men to &quotwear the pants&quot A &quotManifesto&quot posted on Dockerscom begins, &quotOnce upon a time, men wore. He says the best outfit he owns was too shabby to get his He showed up to meet with the manager wearing sneakers, khaki s. Why do you have to wear a suit, who made you wear a suit, whats the rule? she demanded When Colbert brought up a time, six months or a lifetime ago, before women began speaking dont make your. &quotYou dont want something offensive to women written on your shirt when you Now Im very specific khaki pants, buttondown collar&quot Whether men should wear a suit &quotdepends on what they do for a l. Just as the Department of the Navy is trying to increase recruitment and retention of women to the Navy and Marine Corps, its leadership is taking deliberate steps to ensure that women become invisibl. As the shorts became popular, island merchants stocked their shelves with myriad colors and prints, as well as the standard khaki version Men wore them with knee socks everywhere to the office, to d.