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and held the first Kentucky Derby in 1875 Though races were a mainstay for fashion event so the dress code required &quotfull morning dress&quot for men and women from the start Fashion at the horse r. Fashion has played Women and men go all out with their derby headwear, sporting everything from flamingos to horses and bundles of flowers atop their heads Below, check out some of the wildest ha. &quotThe Kentucky Derby is a chance for every female to express her inner Southern Belle&quot Mens fashion, though less regulated, has some codes of its own As a nonSouthern nonbelle, it seemed appropria. Sure, its called the Kentucky Derby, but that doesnt explain why the annual run for the roses is obsessed with heady fashion statements where a strict dress code for men and women included hats. Mens hatmaking is specific But those who have been to the Kentucky Derby know that you cant go too big or too crazy or too colorful Its the one time of the year when people allow their fashi. Easter, the Kentucky Derby outfit simple Khaki blazers Paired with a lavender shirt and madras belt, the khaki blazer is a pretty preppy choice Worn with jeans, an untucked buttondown and loafe. Derby fashion is democratic endeavor, so men also have the opportunity to dress up and put on pink, a very popular hue, especially on Kentucky Oaks Day Pink is worn raise funds and drive national att. The Kentucky Derby is known as much for its unique outfits as it is for the actual horse race the event that the official Kentucky Derby website even offers tips on what men and women should wear.