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Wonder Woman fans were left furious after they caught sight of what the Amazons were wearing in the new Justice League movie Social media users took to Twitter in droves to complain about the ski. The legendary female warriors from &quotWonder Woman&quot get a makeover in &quotJustice League,&quot and some people week when behindthescenes shots from &quotJustice League&quot showed some of the Amazons wearing muc. It is the key reason &quotJustice League&quot is a seriously satisfying superhero movie, one that, rife with lines like &quotthe Iceland town of Dj&250pav&237k a real place, thinks anyone who dresses up as a bat. Justice League is one of the most expensive movies ever made, but it looks like they ran out of wardrobe budget during the reshoots And if not, it seems like the JL might be sharing clothes Either w. The four judges who took on the Chief Justice of India have nothing to gain and everything linen in public than die of infections arising from continuing to wear dirty clothes. Just because youre not a superhero doesnt mean you cant dress like one This fall, youll be able to slip into a few new styles inspired by your favorite DC characters as Justice League gets ready. Justice League is heading to theaters on November 17, and to make sure we all are ready to attend the premiere in style, Hot Topic has launched an epic new clothing line to let us rep our favorite her. Zack Snyder is best known for lending his talents to the DC Extended Universe, but he channeled a certain galaxy far, far, away this Halloween The Justice League director recently debuted his Luke Sk. Hot Toys, one of the best in the business, has released a handful of images of their take on one of Batmans new outfits, the Tactical Batsuit, from Zack Snyders upcoming JUSTICE LEAGUE More details. He loves playing the Flash He also likes wearing bright colored outfits and wigs Its his thing And this year, hes having more fun than anyone else at the convention Miller showed up to the Justi. In a world of incredibly muscular people wearing skintight clothing, the horniest person of all is the one trying to destroy the world as we know it I am, of course, referring to Steppenwolf, the vi.