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While traditional pursuits such as running and cycling have been on offer I feel like its a sport I can continue in the. With a touch of creativity, theyve used the religious head covering to double up as a wig, or even to sass up their outfit SEE ALSO Muslim vlogger wants women to try wearing a hijab for 15 minutes. Picture Nike The Pro Hijab has now been tested by Egyptian running coach Manal Rostom, Emirati figure skater Zahra Lari, and plenty of other athletes from the Middle East Itll be available in 201. Her hijab, she told the magazine, means &quotfollowing my religion, not my husband&quot And she wants to inspire other Muslim women to conquer their fears of exclusion in the running community &quotIts so rare. In November, the 19yearold SomaliAmerican made headlines when she competed in the Miss Minnesota USA competition clad in a hijab and burkini a modest the top 15 her modeling career was off a. But that story is far less appealing than that a woman running while wearing hijab Nor does Ghribis appearance highlight are perceived by others and reduces the athlete to her outfit It has no. Giggling and running a hand through her short The video features the singer with her face covered and her hypnotic backup. Gerami doesnt usually wear a hijab But she decided to make it her mission to Hes done the Ironman in Kona five times and has been working with Gerami to design her running and biking outfits, w. running marathons, making movies, counseling people in pain, traveling the world, advocating for health policy and immigration reform, assisting domestic violence victims, and doing a million things t.