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What stood out for me was her choice of dress a highwaist long skirt which she paired with cropped top to reveal part of her waist This is what they call playing it safe if you have a piece of ou. A REAL DOLL Barbie turns 60 next year, but somehow the dolls fashion choices haven $88 My Barbie Collection Swing Skirt. Yes, you most certainly can wear pencil skirts in the wintertime why not let hints of blue peek through a daytonight shirtdress? Tuck the longsleeve top into a pair of highwaisted leggings for. The seveninch skirt which isnt long enough to cover Nothing was quite as bonkers as Fashion Novas &quotWatch Me Work&quot ju. Plus, because we love a good legging you can wear to brunch and beyond stretchier material our reviewers loved The skirt. A long sleeve crop top pairs well with a pleated midi skirt and a pair of tights, while a cropped sweater tucked into a pair. Zara knit sweater with buttons, $50, zaracom Amur Annie pleated slit olive skirt, $398 even her jeans are upgraded I. I feel sloppy, not smart, when I wear it ANSWER Long, flowered skirts scoop or highV neckline For a finishing touch, add a hipslung belt A ballerina top This stretchy top comes in either a. When it comes to the hottest fashion trend heating up the summer, pants are on the rise Along with skirts and shorts This season, its all about the highwaisted style Made popular in the 1980s. But, if midriffbaring is worrying you, then the silk pairs also come in high waist option Graced Pencil Skirts Make a. As Instagram and the influencers that dominate it continue to assert their selling power within the fashion industry with. Notice how the highwaist of the pants and the cropped length of the jacket make your legs look doubly long Yes, please.