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Remember that meme from 2013 about how all college girls dress like Han Solo? That would actually be a good lastminute costu. The Star Wars The Black Series Hoth Princess Leia Organa and Han Solo 6Inch figure set was an Han wore his bespin outfit. The bluegrey jacket, which was found by Lane at a costume house and screenmatched, is the only significant Han Solo costume piece from the original trilogy ever to come to public auction, the comp. Aldean dressed up as Han Solo, son Memphis sported a Yoda costume, and wife Brittanyusually the epitome of glamourchose to. Due to its popularity, the characters of Stranger Things have also become staple Halloween costume inspirations At the he. Some of the least popular costumes this year, as determined by paidsearch click data from Kantar Media, include Nerd, Girls,. Every year, Halloween costumes get weirder and more complicated Case in point this inflatable HaninCarbonite one Heres how it works For $5999, you get the adultsized costume and a batteryop. Halloween is a little over two weeks away Have you picked out a costume yet? If not, you might want to consider the Star Wars Han Solo in Carbonite inflatable costume from Rubies Its awesome, you c. Then along came Han Solo, who made the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs, give a take a few So, whos better behind the wheel? Many have long believed that Darth Vader cant be beat But a new comic. Han Solos jacket didnt meet reserve but weve already had a number of post auction enquiries, said the sales organizer, Prop Store, in a statement Collectors had a chance to get their hands. Read also Han Solos hero blaster Jedi movie gun up for auction The bluegrey jacket, which was found by Lane at a costume house and screenmatched, is &quotthe only significant Han Solo costume piece.