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If youve ever wanted to time warp to a different era, complete with decadespecific costumes and bands, the Athens Area Art. So much so that the Canadian rappers 32nd birthday party, Tuesday night in LA, was themed in honor of the millennial decade. setting his sights on another popular decade, according to official Drake fansite Twitter account, wordonrd Drakes 2000s t. Many of us will have enjoyed 1960s, 70s, 80s, or even 1990sthemed parties but what will future generations wear when they want to emulate this decade? Reddit user themapoe that you should boo. And on Fridays episode, the panellists stars paid tribute to the 2000s by sporting pop starthemed outfits Sarah Harris rocked Britney Spears iconic denim dress, while Joe Hildebrand wore Posh Spic. In Direct Report, she spotlights themes costumes are downright racist Ive been at my current position for about nine months, and I just found out that we are having an office Halloween. With his celebfilled bash, the Scorpion rapper is making a case for why the 2000s may just be the best decade Drake celebr. The memories of my first kiss are splotchy but they go something like this In the summer between sixth and seventh grade, I. Shortly afterwards, images emerged online of partygoers dressed as zombie nuns and ghouls Riyadh police were concerned by &quot. &quotWhether a costume is a case of cultural appropriation and whether a getup or a party theme insults or threatens to erase. The party starts as soon as we hit the pier to board Were on Royal Caribbeans Navigator of the Seas for backtoback th. This week a faction of students at the University of Kent started a costume drama with their student union, which wants to ba.