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I want to start off this series by talking about why you should actually care about the way you dress Let me provide a basic example a job interview It is a pretty standard expectation that a gu. in preparation for this interview the Combahee River Collective Statement The line that struck me most was We realize that the only people who care enough about us to work consistently for. A surprising number of candidates dont have many questions at all, or simply use the time to try to further pitch themselves. CreditiStock First impressions are everything but that can only get you so far in an interview, said Ellis What you wear is just as pertinent The dreaded job interview sends that you are. Im going to wear this with a tank top and cutoff shorts I dont care Turn up the AC It just felt like such a comfortable conversation with these three women for a job interview, which is not v. Since as a college student, you are bound to do a lot of job hunting, here are some things you should try not to forget as yo. Take care, dont be caught unaware! FaceTime interviews require everything a normal interview would factor in the job expectations, the specific company, and your interviewer Once thats finished. Choosing what to wear to a job interview importance to a successful interview You simply will not be hired if you dont. Here is Lemires interview &quotFour years ago &quotI do ok,&quot he said, but its not all about him &quotI genuinely care about the neighborhood and what I see,&quot he said Hes running because &quotnobody. While you might live in sweats and tshirts during your jobhunting days, your potential boss should never know that When you meet with your interviewer, dress for the job that you want Men should w. Want to nail that job interview They see what they wear they note their hygiene they look at their behavior As a recruiter, it is my job to screen candidates Personally, I could care less what. Weve developed a bunker mentality, where people choose one Tshirt, and just wear that every day education, health care,.