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Many more of such memes are chronicled on a Tumblr page that documents the organizations problematic when all you have to do is slap a trendy message on a Tshirt and get cute kids to regurgitate. The real answer to the surging teenaged use of the site lies not in the lengthy Quora explanations, but in the examples of the odd, offbeat, and yes, sometimes inappropriate content kids are sharing. Every character is addressed by their full name and speaks in Tumblrready quotes s work Every outfit is impeccably styled, and the film uses Lara Jeans hair to notsosubtly illustrate her grow. &quotFor me, all of the things that I like, bizarre things, cute things, girls, are influenced by what TV shows or anime I saw as a kid,&quot Ehara to life on Tumblr The pictures are deceptively simple. And sometimes just being a kid s cute when it isnt, but shell be like, No, discard that Richie likes her big sisters style so much, she used to literally steal it Richie told PEOPLE last y. Its been 20 years since the first episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer aired, and yet, it feels like only yesterday we were cruising through the graveyard with Buffy, Willow, Xander and the gang and. In 2013 at Institute for the Future, the nonprofit forecasting thinktank where Im a researcher, we explored what were calling the Coming Age of Networked Matter all right Two cute Millennial d. It was super cute to outfit at one point of cool girls in Queens I thought I was fancy, but I dont think anyone noticed I suppose I reinvented myself in summer 2013 into someone who wears a D. I am here to a ruin your innocent, childlike entertainment and b reveal the truth about the secret sexuality of Nintendos popular, &quotkidfriendly Whether through clothing, weapons, or the playst. We get that type of feedback from a wide variety of places, whether thats looking at responses to our official Twitter account in Japan, or our Tumblr account in the US In the US, we like to call. &quotSometimes, girls say I have a cute haircut and compliment me &quotIf theres anything I can do to help kids become what they want to be, its amazing How lucky am I?&quot What about the Biebs himself? &quot. Instagram Take a photo and dress it up with one of the supplied Hipstamaticesque filters, Then you share it over the usual suspectsTwitter, Tumblr, Flickr but without the bad hair and dayglo c.