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In the week that Victorias Secret sent a $1m diamondencrusted bra down its annual catwalk, it seems sexy lingerie is fallin. Kim Kardashian and Cardi B step out in similar pink outfits Kim left in a hot pink dress with cutouts in LA in August Car. Twitter started blowing up with people weighing on the model and reality stars outfit, with one user writing I would love to know where Kendall Jenner thinks shes going to with that crop top becau. Since Lopez has been known to saunter the streets in an offduty postgym bun and crop top, the megawatt airport look hardly. Crop tops fall into this binary ditch A certain length of top is cast as girly because it allows women to showcase a part of their body thats socially acceptable as long as they dont have a hint. Then people started wearing those crop topsports bra hybrids and I was just like weighttraining, and cute summer outfits So soft! So cute! I am never taking this off! Double layered with a thic. At the forefront of fashion trends that refuse to go out of style is the crop top While you might think this fleshflashing piece wouldnt get much wear when summer ends, weve got the picturesand t. You can button it up all the way to balance your outfits proportions and make the cropped look more business friendly 5 Long sleeves or high necklines are another way to keep yourself covered Ther. Kendall can often be seen at the airport rocking a crop top, and always looks fab while doing so! Of course, you can always count on Kendall to take fashion risks, and that includes rocking a crop top. Metals are great for spicing up your evening wardrobe, but can also fit into your everyday style by incorporating silver into your daily wardrobe with a crop top, trousers or metallic bag Time is fle.