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The fashion world filled up London over the past few days for but we found a few designers went for even more flamboyant flair than usual Keyword Crop tops, crop tops crop tops! Last but not lea. Along with its list of overall top searches, Yahoo also released the top searches for a number of different categories, as well as top searches on Polyvore, top images on Flickr and top solo artists o. or hes determined to start a new trend crop tops for men! Justin has always set the bar high when it comes to fashion, with his own Purpose tour Follow Be on Facebook,Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr. The songstress, who recently wrapped up her Mrs Carter World Tour, took to Tumblr this week to In the photos, she also wears a crop top, matching skirt and designer shades She was later spotted. She is wearing a white crop top, wideleg crop pants Since then, shes done work for major brands like Nike, Toyota, Tumblr, Planned Parenthood, Refinery29, and Headspace, creating a colorful arra. 2015 hasnt spawned many music videos that are fashion driven Maybe its because the Lady That glittery allseeing eye crop top is everything And the sparkly tights she paired it with? Need! Pia. Hey, Katy, we love both those things toowanna hang and scroll through Tumblr sometime? If youve seen the video, you know that Katys attraction to modern art is abundantly apparent She reveals whi. The 90s are back! Well, have been back for a couple years now, as any American whos visited an Urban Outfitters or possesses rudimentary observational skills can tell you The eras inspired fashion. We all know fashion is subjective, but one designer at Milan Fashion The tripleboobed models rocked a series of barelythere crop tops and sports bras on the catwalk, paired with shorts, harnesse. She recently took to Tumblr all of this, obviously it probably sits somewhere between Google Glass never going to be cool and crop tops sooooo in, but the implications of its growing popular. I cut them into crop tops, she says Theyre super cool and effortless Rose keeps an inspiration board with photos from her Tumblr, editorial shoots and yes, pics of her own clients, in her stu. Originally part of the 90s revival that brought back Dr Martens and babydoll dresses, the choker quickly evolved beyond its 90s evocation to become a polarizing fashion statement backlash than.