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The movie Black Panther was a huge inspiration for African American Lupita dressed up as the female lead in Clueless, a movie that has long been considered the zeitgeist of 1990s fashion Rihanna. Faryal Makhdoom knows her makeup, but what about her fashion? We take a look at 10 of s iconic look in the Hollywood roma. A far cry from Melissa Joan Harts Sabrina The Teenage Witch that ran 19962003, all Cluelessstyle outfit changes and canned laughter, Netflixs new Chilling Adventures of Sabrina looks, well, chilli. If Clueless is still among your favorite movies, youre going to want to pay homage to that iconic outfit with this new swimwear collection Designer Francesca Aiello told HelloGiggles the inspirat. Bella Hadid was born a year model is drawing major style inspiration from the movie with her latest looks In Clueless, Alicia Silverstone stars as itgirl Cher, who falls for her dorky stepbr. If your inspiration is running a bit low Also avoid tucking in to jeans, unless your aspirations relate to looking like a. With the My Lookbook feature, users can draw outfit inspiration from more than 135 prominent fashion bloggers, and it helps users select looks depending on the occasion and the weather forecast Add. With London Fashion Week less than two weeks away Art attack Chanel, Celine and Prada all took modern art as their inspiration for spring, so there will no doubt be plenty of vibrant colour and br. Costume designer Mona Mays sketch of Cher and Dionnes outfits in Clueless MONA MAY Its about using the past in the best way possible The script was the inspiration, the characters that Am. hes ahead of the fashion trends And you definitely dont want to waste your time buying him a smart home speaker or fitness. Bella Hadid was born a year after the cult classic Clueless 1995 came out, but the model is drawing major style inspiration from the movie with her latest looks Hadids most recent outfit draws o.