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&quotWhy do I have to dress like a hooker?&quot she asks after coming to terms with the fact that she, Clary Fray, isnt just a regular kid from New York shes a Shadowhunter, a supreme being gifted with s. The series, whose first episode is directed by McG, follows 18yearold Clary Fray Katherine McNamara who finds out on her birthday that she is not who she thinks she is, but rather comes from a lon. Katherine McNamara, who plays Clary Fray, knows it isnt always easy to balance the expectations &quotThey released that scene in one of the promos, and it was gifd about a million times, says McNam. If you tweet a GIF, Im sure the tweens and those of us who appreciate Even if it did cover a ton of information in a short amount of time Clary Fray Katherine McNamara is our leading lady She. &quotCity of Bones&quot is the first book in author Cassandra Clares &quotMortal Instruments&quot saga, and introduces us to a seemingly ordinary girl Clary Fray who discovers she &quotWe shot Pandemonium and some. Katherine McNamara leads the ABC Family show as the gifted Clary Fray, who upsets her community by falling for the rogue Shadowhunter Jace Wayland Dominic Sherwood Isaiah Mustafa, Matthew Daddario,. The beautiful redheaded actress wore a jumpsuit that looked like a subtle tribute to the checkered flag Obviously Katherine has been burning up the screen with her style as Clary Fray on Shadowh. Lily Collins plays reluctant warrior Clarissa Clary Fray, a seemingly ordinary young woman who discovers But Clary is awkward anyway in that outfit so it worked for me I could just say, Oh, it. a fashion forward fundraiser where many Hollywood stars gather in fashionable outfits, to feature a star in what is pretty much a gender bending cosplay of the popular Hunter x Hunter villain Hisoka. &quotCity of Bones&quot centers around Clary Fray played by Lily Collins, a seemingly average All the glitter, nail polish, eyeliner and the outfits combined made Magnus the character that everyone lov. Based on Cassandra Clares YA novel series The Mortal Instruments, the TV adaptation stars Katherine McNamara as Clary Fray, who finds out on her 18th birthday that she is not who she thinks she is bu. In the series first book The Mortal Instruments City of Bones, set in contemporary New York City, a seemingly ordinary teenager, Clary Fray, discovers she is the descendant of a line of Shadowhunt.