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BTS have broken another record Picture The best hiphopR&ampB artist plum went to Heize and the best stage outfit award was given to Girls Generation for Holiday Breakout actor Jung Hae In Whi. In 2014, senior forensic scientist Roy Green was sent 104 microscope slides of fibres collected when the girls died He said. BTS dropped the music rocking colorful outfits and busting out their best moves for the cameras Watch the full thing above! The band released a statement explaining the origin and meaning behind. On Friday, the Galveston County medical examiners office said it had completed an autopsy and believed the body was Hazanas. is a song about love at first sight and the lengths people will go for it, even to the point of trying to convince the girl to break up with her If I NEED U marked the first spark of BTS popula. A blue Pinto sweatshirt, allegedly worn by Russell Bishop and said to contain vital DNA evidence in the case with the def. He said the evidence included the transfer of fibres, paint comparisons and DNA outbrain &quotWe say you can conclude that the P. REWARI A couple in Rewari were in a spot after discovering that the birth certificate of their child says they had a boy whe. Olly Murs wants a girl to &quotblow his socks off Im looking at someone going, Dont like their eyebrows, dont like their. Image BTSs soldout concert was a sort of dialogue between artist and fansCreditNina Westervelt for The New York Times At i. BTS single &quotDNA&quot moved up to No 67 for the week of Oct 14 With that said, the group has earned the highestcharting Billboard Hot 100 hit by a Kpop act This title was previously owned by Kpop. That evidence included the transfer of fibres, paint comparisons and DNA, he said Mr Altman went on We say you can conclud.