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The music video itself has this juxtaposition of all of these beautiful pastel colors but also like the edgier outfits But the song itself in videos like Red Velvets Dumb Dumb and BlackPinks. A scene from the music video of Hitchhikers 11 features the musician dancing in a metallic costume SM Entertainment via From left Members of YG Entertainments newest girl group BlackPink. I feel like everyone is unique in their own way, but what makes us unique is that we go the extra mile to make our dance covers and outfits look as close to quite a few dances by Red Velvet and B. An active shooter has been reported at Highland High School in Palmdale, California Authorities are on the scene, and one person has been confirmed as injured thus far Police are responding to repor. Picture George PimentelLP5Getty Images The pop star uploaded a photo of her Halloween outfit to Instagram with the caption When you dress as the yellow teletubby for Halloween, but its before. Their music and album are, no doubt, likely to top the charts After a yearlong wait, YG Entertainments BlackPink will also be releasing their first mini album, Square Up, on June 15, creating excit. Many of the challenges that plague children are the result of low selfesteem is getting dressed for school Instead of choosing the clothes for your child, allow her to have a few options Choose. There was all manner of handwringing about Apple following Cooks performance, much of it panicked and silly Any outfit that can sell 748 million of anything in three months in this case, iPhone. A mass shooting occurred at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in South Florida on Feb 14 17 are dead, and 15 students were injured after a former student opened fire UPDATE 7 A South Florida ho. &quotAfter school, I would come here and watch my mum So who wouldnt want to be at home, right? It always feels great to come home, and here we are!&quot said Mavy Cassy added that they technically grew up. The setlist was a gentle blend of old as she acknowledged both her old school Kylie fans who only know the golden Kylie nipped off for incredible costume changes throughout she was a cowgirl, a. With the end of Seoul Model United Nations SEOMUN a few weeks ago, Korea International School KIS had the opportunity to talk with the 81st governor of Vermont, Peter Shumlin Inspiring students t.