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We all have our favorite pairs, of course hi, RayBans and cat eyes but its fun to add new styles to your repertoire and try different shades with different outfits Thanks to Polyvore five p. To see whats hot this season, we crunched the numbers in a few categories to bring you not just the song of the summer but the drink, outfit, and gadget as well The classic Pamela Anderson Baywatch. Senior Analyst at the Long Beach Public Works Department Think of One Jackson as Etsy meets Polyvore its an ecommerce platform for original kids clothing thats created by indie designers, pick. Polyvore is a fashion startup that allows users to virtually create collages, or sets, featuring clothing, shoes and accessories that featuring day and evening wear, soft beach waves and side b. As if its not hard enough to pick out a solid outfit, youve also got to interpret the difference between semiformal and dressy casual? And at first glance, does beach formal sound for each occa. Already, Lee said, 20 percent of Polyvores users are men she also said that women have requested the ability to create sets of mens clothing and accessories Polyvore lets users shop, create and. From neons and pastels, to colorblock dresses and bold prints, youve got options aplenty its just a matter of scoping out the best ones that work for your area of interest, expertise AND budget. Coverup This is the kind of thing I would wear everyday on the beach Easy dressing and light on the body Dotti Jersey Swim CoverUp with Wood Detail $46 seen at left from Macys is one that I w. Of course, shopping for a major workplace outfit upgrade cant hurt either Jess Lee, the CEO and cofounder of retail aggregator Polyvore, says that networking can also be successfully achieved i. We all have our favorite pairs, of course hi, cat eye but its fun to add new styles to your repertoire, aka different shades with different outfits Thanks to Polyvore, the online shopping hub, w.