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Source brookfarmgeneralstoreTumblr They looked to be Bensimons nor could I pull the trigger on the aggressively badass white Nike dunks I spied at a downtown store Though it was tempting, I cou. And she absolutely owned it! After photos of her badass outfit were posted online, hotdogprincess soon started trending on Tumblr and Twitter, with everyone bowing down to their new sartorial style q. Finally, with one of its own companies in the billiondollar club of aspiring tech lords in the city, Tumblr was seen as the anchor company the one that marked New York as a place that could pla. httpxxsuicidalwonderlandxxtumblrcompost135419667031whenyourdadsastormtrooperprettyhopefull Maybe he could actually beat the Hoth level in that stupid hard arcade game Just because you ha. From Reginas bizarrely fabulous outfits to Rumpelstiltskins creepy gold skin What will happen when Emma is no longer consumed by dark magic? Will these two bad ass ladies collectively rule over. Her name is Chelsea, she runs a body positive weight loss blog, and shes going as herself Related This Body Positive Art Is One Of The Most Empowering Things To Go Viral In A Long Time She took. Joanna I always liked taking photos of my outfits and coming up with cute compositions If it werent for some badass feminist posts on Tumblr, it would have taken longer for me to become confiden. Writer Julianne Ross took note of the common trope and made a Tumblr called Action Heroines in Wildly Inappropriate and tapped into this really common &quotsexy badass&quot trope that feels less like an. Beyonc&233 shared pictures of the intimate event, which Gwyneth Paltrow and Kelly Rowlands kids attended, on her Tumblr earlier today into a magenta butterfly dress the perfect outfit to wear whil. But while Rachel was the shows fashion enthusiast, and Monica served as the resident badass she was also the first actress even inspiring her own Tumblr phoebebuffaystylethe sign of a true le.