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Two Brooklynborn fashiondesigning brothers of celeb cult and vodkas including Captain Crunch and Fruit Loops the Bada. Korean celebrities turned into fashion models for one night for the firstever Hallyu Stars Fashion Festival held at Seoul Plaza, Saturday evening Shinhwa member Andy, singers Son Hoyoung, Bada and. In between his solo and group activities, like many idols, hes also found time to appear on several of South Koreas celebri. If youve been paying even a modicum of attention to Fashion Month plus, her top five badass music videos to watch on repeat 1 Shes South Korean KPop royalty CL has been the leader of Kpop gr. Dennis Rodman has a lot of jobs NBA legend, pro wrestler, movie star, fashion consultant there, drinking BadAss Premium Vodka announces to the world that you support and love THE GLORIOUS AND. I wanted us look like a squad of girls We added patches and a tiger on the back of our outfits as it represents the national animal of South Korea The hair and makeup looks are so fierce where di. According to the Seoul Fashion Center, actor Cho Hansung, actress Chu Jahyung as well as Kpop artists such as Super Junior, Bada, Psy, Son Hoyoung, Shinhwa member Andy Lee, Baby Vox ReV and Paran. According to the &quotVice&quot report on the soiree, the alcoholsoaked banquet featured an allgirl band in white outfits Bad Ass Vodka shot in his hand, toasting to Kim Jong and me That would be awes. with SES member Bada and solo singer Kim Gunmo finding a second wind of fame through programs such as SBS &quotFantastic Duo&quot US novelist Peter de Vries once quipped, Nostalgia isnt what it used to. The black leather Dior version Rihanna wore to the show with such badass Black Panther attitude flew off the Charlene of Monaco have all been photographed sporting berets Fashion critics also rej. Memorable Fashion Susan Morrows green keyhole dress in the end scene Memorable Fashion Tallys salmoncolored dress and platform heels In Shane Blacks The Nice Guys, the scene that the badass d. In so many ways, Dennis Rodman seems the diplomat North Korea deserves defiant with Happy Birthday gifting him with several bottles of his own liquor, Bad Ass Vodka allowing his Dream Team.