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They are in that rare bracket of clothing for which any deviation from black or white South Korea Women Cotton Creative I. Theres hot contention for the lofty title of Male Fashion Icon in 2018 Is it Kanye West in a pair of socks and slides an. The exhibition design, by the museums Dan Oliver, is not going to knock anybodys socks off worlds of fashion and produc. Donating a pair of socks or two in the runup to Christmas could make all It is so sad that such basic items of warm clo. &quotThe clog is a fashion misfit Please, someone put this in the MoMa The &quotArt&quot Croc But its the &quotSport&quot Croc from Alife thats the real stunner It features an attached tube sock which, as Alife. Is it possible to riff on minimalism and detritus art in a single sculpture? B Wurtz proves that it is The artist is known. Is your sock drawer woefully apolitical? Pussy Riot is here to help The Russian activist performance art troupe has released a new line of brightly colored tshirts, patches, socks, and balaclavaswi. He has inspired many with his music and it will be incredibly interesting to see how his art will Socks Happy Socks has done a wide variety of collaborations with other brands and artists, includ. Let me digress for a brief detour back in time The late Apple CEO Steve Jobs famously knocked the socks off Macworld confere. At the Gagosian Gallery in Beverly Hills, Mr Murakami is currently showing collaborations with the fashion designer limitededition socks But those dont necessarily cancel out the artistry in. Fun Socks, the legwear brand that encourages selfexpression said the company was the first lifestyle brand and concept store that mixed music, art and fashion into one colorful place He added,. Click through our gallery for fun furs, oversized suits, sock booties, and all the colors that everyone Mara Hoffman, FallWinter 2017 Seen in both art and fashion, our current political state ha.