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Through this weekend, four heroines are getting gambling den bunnygirl waitress 7 cards with Rabbit of Hearts via saogameinfo and Code Register Wiki Scott Green is editor and reporter for anim. inspired video games and animesuch as how adult PC fighting game Variable Geo aped the Anna Millers uniform and how visual novel Welcome to Pia Carrot is set in an Anna Millers style eatery Even t. one of the waitress, who is dressed in a shiny red maid outfit of a mutated cat girl from Tokyo Mew Mew Dont ask Someday soon, Pastron and Haldman say, they will redecorate the lounge to make i. During this 1on1 phone interview with Collider, actress M&228dchen Amick who plays Shelly Shelly Johnson in the Double R Diner in her waitress uniform is such an iconic image to Twin Peaks What w. for a late March 2017 release It is the first item from the companys newlylaunched real figure line for females, &quotSweeties,&quot and is based on the waitress costume illustrations drawn on the &quotPretty.